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Lisa Radocchia is a native of the San Francisco Peninsula and has dedicated her life to creating art of lasting permanence. She has been drawing, painting, and writing since the 1990's with a focus on the female form and thoughtful detail. She began tattooing under the name Redwood Lisa in 2014, specializing in realism and micro detail. Infused with the artistry of her Italian ancestors, the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley, and the rich history of tattoo tradition; Lisa blends fine art, digital process, and tattoos into one Art. 

Art is about expression. Whether curating a private art collection on the walls of your home, gifting an art print to a loved one, or selecting the right person to make your next tattoo; You are in control of that expression. Never stop bringing your ideas into the world.

Lisa now resides in Portland, Oregon. If you are interested in her art and tattoo work, feel free to reach out for a request, however, the tattoo scheduling book is currently closed. Follow on social media using the links below or check back to this website to get updated when she will accept new clients.



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Cell: (650)479-4465

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