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Before paint or tattoos, I was a digital artist. I knew I wanted to make art for a living and that seemed the best career to pursue, though I didn't know a clear path to it. When I was in school, digital programs were in their infancy and quickly outdated as the technology surpassed us rapidly. As with all art I am self taught with great help from my friends, and this was no different. 

You CAN use Adobe's Photoshop or Illustrator or that silly app on your phone or a filter to manipulate images with button-toggle effects (such as sepia, or brushstroke looks, etc.) This is really fun for you, but it sucks for me. I hand draw each stroke into the computer, regardless of the time drain, because I am seeking quality and control. Some of these pieces were hand drawn on paper and then finished digitally because I liked that look better, but please be aware of what you're looking at and the time that goes into it. Then try it yourself because it's, like, hella fun. Way more fun than snapchat filters, I promise.