PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASE - NO RETURNS. This is an original oil painting on stretched canvas (full dimensions= 18 inches wide, 36 inches tall, 3/4 inch deep.) Due to its size and dimensions, shipping to your location may ​range in price​. If you are local and able to pick this item up, contact Lisa directly via email to purchase and the price will be reduced for your trouble. If you require shipping, Lisa will cover the cost UP TO $50 (you will be required to send additional money if required. For buyers outside USA, contact Lisa directly via email to purchase and coordinate shipping. As with all stretched canvas paintings Lisa has made, there is a possibility that the canvas rack is not perfectly square. Sometimes this is a factor of the construction process, sometimes it is due to the amount of water used in the underpainting layer (which can cause wood warp.) Lisa recommends you consult your favorite framing expert, rather than buying a pre-made frame online (which are meant for flat art such as photos, prints, or posters.) About this piece: "Flaunt" was started because of a call I felt for a new kind of feminism. The amazing feeling of the women's march, the metoo movement, and other such congregations of women in recent history drew me to this subject. Growing up, I was taught that feminism wasn't needed anymore because we girls got the vote. As an adult I feel we need it more than ever. I have worked in many male-dominated fields. I am a childless, unmarried witch. I speak with peers and clients and gauge their feelings on our situation. I often tattoo women who want a lion, because the lioness hunts for her ​P​ride and the symbolism is ​poignant​ for ​many ​women. But when it comes down to it, they want a male lion tattooed,​ because​ they want the mane so everyone knows it's a lion. I have done many peacock related tattoos but no one wants a peahen. This part of animalia translates to our thoughts about human gender too; we want to be the best parts of a woman but we want to be treated like men and get some of their good parts too. "Flaunt" was inspired when I wrote in my journal about how women can do anything men can do, and they look better doing it, too. I thought about male confidence, and how misplaced it is when seen outside of our societal pedestal for them. It's pretty understood that women are the fairer, sexier gender. We make the babies and the food, but can also make just about anything men can. If society didn't say that men rule, they would be the undeniably inferior gender now that brute strength is not a survival ​necessity​. What if we put women on that pedestal and gave them the same confidence and opportunity that men get? It is time to get defiant. flaunt flônt,flänt/ verb display (something) ostentatiously, especially in order to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance. There was a long pause before I finished this painting. My father passed away and my life turned upside down, it was hard to finish anything that I had done before, because everything seemed trite or hollow. When I was coordinating my father's affairs in the months following his death, I found many people underestimating me or judging the gender roles in my relationships. Some comments got under my skin, as they sometimes do, and I was ready to finish this. I had been looking at ​this painting ​for months and it was so bright and colorful, so different than everything I felt. I stared at it for so long until I realized what was missing: the darkness. In the underpainting there was intense contrast but I had been interrupted by the darkness in my own life and literally threw it off balance in my work. ​I finished it up and I truly love this piece. If the message wasn't meant for all of you, I'd keep it because it's become one of my favorites.​ I hope you enjoy viewing this painting, and I hope you take a moment to think about ge​n​der roles in isolation from societal norms. Contemplate the way we see and treat men vs women in relation to their true inherent value (which should be equal) and consider what you can do to raise the platform for women without lowering men.

Flaunt - oil on canvas 18"x36"